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Raj: Love the blog... I picked up over 40 brand new Pro V1's out of the creek on 18... some great team balls in there from the event, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Nevada, and a couple of "Crump Cup" logo balls from the Pine Valley event. For the record, there was Vodka in my system as I entered the creek...

Scott: I will take 3.5 dozen for $20 each. Nice work!

How about 9 and 10 both playing harder than 3 & 8?

#18 being a par 5 could be interesting??

You better hurry to play Ference... he wasn't on his game yesterday at the volunteer outing....

Although the ruleing was unfortunate to our team, the 4 putt on the last hole is really what caused us to not win sole possession of 2nd place. In addition, I think not enough has been reported about the very poor showing of the so called "amazing, unbeatable" team of AMANT/JOHNSTON. I think it is now clear who the money players are and are not!

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